Futsal is an indoor version of football. It's name is derived from the Portuguese futebol de salão and the Spanish fútbol sala/de salón, which can be translate as indoor football

Futsal is played between two teams of five players. In addition each team may have seven substitutes. Unlike some other forms of indoor football, the court is delimited by lines, and not walls or boards that players can use to rebound the ball. Futsal is played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a football. While the usual football emphasizes on strategy and tactics, futsal is more about technique and creativity as the courts are smaller, thereby allowing less space to run around and maintain the position. Futsal draw similarities with other indoor football games like indoor soccer and five-a-side football, but they are different in terms of rules as governed by FIFA.

All in all, Futsal is a fun game in the sense that it is typically football, but with less body contact, less roughness and more vigorous exercise. Its popularity perhaps could be contributed to the size of the pitch, which are easier to manage. At the same time, both male and female can play the game.

The rule for futsal are very different from football. For more details, click here to download Rule of Futsal 2008 by FIFA.


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