French and Chelsea striker, Nicolas Anelka tied to a chair in a pink room with a sexy woman only wearing her pink bra and underwear standing over the footballer, keeping guard.

The women then (reportedly) says the following into the camera:

“This is a message from the FRFQAHR - the Front r√©volutionnaire des femmes qui aiment les hommes en rose (the Revolutionary Front Of Women who love Men in Pink). Mr Luiz Felipe Scolari, we hold hostage your best striker, Nicolas Anelka. He will be released on one condition: that you authorise him to play wearing his new pink boots. Otherwise, we will not hesitate in sending him back to Paris. You must take your decision before the Champions League match against Bordeaux. It is in your interest, Mr Scolari.” <- translated to English. 101greatgoals

But, this is actually only a advert released by PUMA for their new boot - new pink boot. Here the advert

While NIKE released Pink Mercurial Rosa boot and now PUMA with Pink Pro Direct, we just wait for pink boot from their rivals, of course ADIDAS.


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